Why Join The Old Club

At The Old Club our dedicated staff is the most important resource in our service commitment to our members. Come experience for yourself why we truly are “Michigan’s Best Kept Secret.”

Through decades of brilliant leadership, founded on the values of family, for the family – perhaps the only thing more special than The Old Club’s phenomenal location is the quality of all people who enjoy and share this treasure.

160 plus members

150 years of heritage

50 on-site residences

3 distinct harbors

Well-connected with an abundance of reciprocal clubs

The Old Club enables old time values, honors decades of tradition yet anticipates the need and necessity to stay current and positively evolvng – a collaboration that encourages innovation & supports future development.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


What Members are Saying

“When we had a cottage up north, we were lucky to get up there once or twice a month in the summer. The Old Club offers us that same feeling of being up north, but less than an hour away.”

The Old Club Dan Felstow


“Memorial Day weekend was a blast at the club and filled with sunshine! The kitchen staff really deserves a shout out as their Take-Out menu tasted incredible. We especially liked the ribs and pulled pork. The added bottle of wine included in our meal was exceptional too. Such a friendly team working diligently to make the start of the season a success – we thank you!”

The Old Club Marina Southers


“I was blessed to be exposed to The Old Club at a very early age. We were frequent guests coming by boat from across the bay to enjoy all of the wonderful amenities we’ve all come to expect here. It gives me such pleasure to continue that tradition with my family each and every weekend in the summer.”

The Old Club Dr. Steven Grekin